How To Get The Best 3D Ultrasound Pictures

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Seeing your baby for the very first time with 3D ultrasound is such an exciting experience.

Thanks to current advances in innovation, 3D/4D ultrasound images are now clearer as well as a lot more lifelike than ever before.

The most recent 5D/HD Live ultrasound brings unbelievable skin-tone rendering software program, and also a digital flashlight to produce the very best lights possible!

Yet, prior to you obtain your hopes up that you’ll get those ideal, full face 3D photos like your buddy did, it’s essential for you to know that no 2 maternities are alike.

Every baby checks differently, and also not every ultrasound session produces book ideal images.

The quality of images depend on variety of factors. 3D Ultrasound service, offered by adatewithbaby, notifies the expectant mothers on how to prepare for the appointments, which may significantly help to improve the quality of images.


Below are the 3 essential aspects affecting the top quality of ultrasound pictures, noted in order or importance.

Amount of Amniotic Fluid

The clarity of your 3D/4D ultrasound photos depends solely upon just how hydrated you are at the moment of your appointment.

To obtain good pictures, there have to be a lot of liquid around the baby’s face.

To ensure you are well moisturized, make certain to consume the advised 8-10 glasses of water daily in the weeks prior to your ultrasound consultation.

Have a look at the examples listed below. Both pictures are from 3D ultrasounds done in our workplace.

Setting of The Baby

For good 3D/4D photos, it is perfect for baby to be positioned with the head down reduced, near your cervix.

If baby is breech, it will certainly be more challenging to get excellent face pictures. Breech babies are usually resting ‘folded up in half’, with the feet and also hands blocking the face.

Baby ought to likewise be encountering upwards in the direction of your tummy.

If baby is encountering completely down, looking towards your back, it would certainly be impossible to obtain photos.

Gestational Age of Baby

If your objective is to obtain the best 3D face images possible, you should make certain to schedule your ultrasound at the correct time.

Weeks 30-32 are the most effective for acquiring excellent face pictures.

Currently, baby is most likely to be head down, which is perfect. Baby’s face attributes project as well as the cheeks have actually filled out perfectly with fat.

If you come too early, baby may be breech as well as will certainly not have quite fat yet.

Coming too late may generate unforeseeable outcomes, as baby begins to run out of area as well as it ends up being harder to obtain clear photos.