The type of condo unit to choose from

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There are so many options of condo units that are constructed. A single construction may contain the different types of condos or each type of condo may be constructed separately. This depends on the developer. It is natural to choose a condo type that suits our requirements.

  • A studio is very small and does not have a separate bedroom. This is mostly preferred by bachelors. Most of these studio units come with an attached kitchen too. They are spacious for a couple of people who can share the space.
  • Next is the unit with bedrooms. These come in various types like single bedroom, double, triple, and up to even 5/6 bedrooms. The units with a higher number of rooms, that is a 5 bedroom condo singapore is suitable for big families. Those families who prefer to live joint with generations can choose such a unit. For small families, however, units with 1 or 2 bedrooms would be sufficient.
  • Loft condo units have become popular these days. They are suitable for people looking for modern condos. They are built as per the latest trends and have a high ceiling façade.
  • Something that is very specific to Singapore is the dual key condos. These buildings have two separate condo units with separate entrances. Many common dual key types are 2bedroom + 1 studio or 4 bedrooms + 1 studio.
  • Penthouses are the other type of units that are constructed as stand-alone units. They are located on the topmost floors. They are like individual buildings. Separate service elevators cater to these penthouses.