Aquarium Air Pump and its Usage

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An aquarium air pump is a tiny motor-constructed pump system used mainly in aquariums to maintain the oxygen level in the water by generating bubbles inside the water. The famous German scientist O.V Guericke introduced Aquarium Air Pump in the 17th century; Nowadays, It is widely used for commercial aquaculture. This product is not helpful for all kinds of fishes, such as tiger fish and betta fish, and can easily live without any pump operating system.

How to Use

The air pump is responsible for absorbing air from outside the fish tank and pumping it into the underwater aquarium. Therefore, you need a few air pump accessories to direct the airflow to the right place and the correct pressure. For most beginners, we recommend getting a package of flight tubes and a check valve to start. Some items are optional, depending on your specific application.

How to set up the complete System

First, select a proper front area location for setting up the complete aquarium. Then select a position for setting up the air pump, then measure the length of the aquarium inside position, where the air pointer should be set up, then cut the one end of the air tube pipe and comment with the air pointer, which is inside the glass tank, and connect the other end of the air tube pipe with the pump. Keep in mind that if the pump is placed below the aquarium, you have to look out for the air tube pipe for any leakage, and if the air tube pipe is placed over the aquarium, it’s okay.