Cyber Security Testing – How To Conduct A Test

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If You are wondering what Penetration testing is all about, then you will be amazed to note that this evaluation is merely a security evaluation of your computing environment including your network’s security and the probability of being defrauded. These tests and evaluations are performed by many business owners in order to discover the vulnerabilities of the system and protect against exploitation from outside employees, like hackers, in addition to disgruntled employees. Not only do business operators use these testing, but people that are keen on protecting their computers might also utilize tactical security tests to avoid being exploited by hackers. Let us look at how to run a test

  • Effective planning

Automated Red Teaming, you will have to plan effectively. Do not just jump into conducting the exam, but instead set your objectives, what you expect to accomplish from conducting the tests, your timelines and of course your testing bounds before you begin conducting the tests. If you are operating a business, you should determine what information is crucial to the business objectives and what security features are required to protect these objectives. With strategic planning and your goals clearly outlined, you will stand a far greater likelihood of conducting effective security evaluation tests.

  • Collect your information

In conducting evaluations, you will Definitely need to investigate and gather all of the info that you need. Among the best means of collecting pertinent information is by getting within a hacker’s mind, and trying to consider the various methods by which he can break into your system and cause financial loss or ruin the image of your organization. By getting into the mind of the hacker, you will expose yourself to the various data that you will need to develop security obstacles for, which will stop unlawful breaches to your site. This information is quite important to this process, mainly because without it, you will not have the ability to execute the tests and find the summary reports necessary.

  • Run tests and create reports

This is where you will be Performing the majority of the field work. All the information that you have gathered from the mind of the hacker will be set through various tests and evaluations. This is because your purpose is to determine all the potential vulnerabilities and effective ways and means to fight or prevent possible fraud. Penetration Testing includes script based and individual based attacks on the community so as to seek out and exploit vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers look into different facets of your network and mischief with it just like a normal hacker would to find out whether there are some loop holes and defects in the network. If once you have run these tests and you still stay unsatisfied, you might have to speak to an expert security IT consulting firm that could help you to bring security to your computer environment in addition to the networks. Remember your objective in doing security evaluation is to find the probable flaws in your computer environment’s security, and to fix them.