Why do people stay in home:

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Home is a place where people can spend their time with family.People would like to have their personal space.They would like to have a designated place for themselves where they can be themselves.They can relax and feel comfortable at home.There are different types of houses.People would like to stay in the house as per their choice.They would like to do the interiors of their house all by their own.The house would have rooms and place where people can have their food and people can fresh up themselves. Since people spend of their time at home they would like to have the comforts in their house. Home is a place where people take rest. People get tired doing a days work outside and they come back home to relax and take some personal time for themselves. People would like to make their houses comfortable with proper furniture and equipment’s so that they can get the relaxation at home.

smart home

Now a days people have started opting for smart home which has many advanced features. There are many advanced features in this house.This is a setup where all the home appliances and the devices can be automatically controlled from anywhere remotely by using mobile phone which has internet connection or mobile data. The devices in this home are interconnected through internet. The users at home can control the functions like access to security at home, the lighting at home and the temperature and so on.We don’t have to manually on the lights or the television.The electronic devices can automatically be controlled by the mobile.


People are preferring to have houses with smart features.People are looking out for easy life style where they wanted to reduce the manual work and wanted to take advantage of the technology.